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Make it your job to investigate questions about life on Earth and discover ways to address the problems.

Research opportunities with a Biology degree

Whether your interests lie in the bottom of a river or the bottom of a Petri dish, you’ll have opportunities to design and execute research projects that contribute to solving real world problems—not just rote lab assignments to learn procedures. Students work closely with faculty on their own research, and in support of faculty projects already underway.

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Asa Laskie, Biology

Generating tools for understanding viruses.


Cynthia Dott, Professor of Biology including environmental biology

"At FLC, field-based study is accessible and exciting. In many Biology courses, our laboratories have the sky for a roof and trees and rivers for the walls."


Biology student you can access a variety of departmental, foundation, and other scholarships, including the MARC U*STAR scholarship to support cultural diversity in research fields.

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