Study the inner workings of life

Petri dish of microscopic things

Studying Cellular and Molecular Biology allows students to explore how life works at the molecular level. You will learn how traits are inherited in DNA, how organisms develop from a single cell as the fusion of egg and sperm, how cell division and communication can go awry to cause diseases like cancer, how RNA vaccines protect us from COVID-19, how we can genetically modify crops to be drought resistant in a changing climate, and so much more!

Research in Cellular and Molecular Biology leads to learning essential lab techniques and helps you refine your skills as a scientist, so you can critically analyze scientific claims, synthesize knowledge from multiple sources, design experiments, and interpret results. These secondary skills are helpful for any future career!

All Cellular & Molecular Biology majors will participate in at least one year of mentored research with a faculty member to dive deeply into a topic of interest.

Camren Cardell, cellular and moleculary biology student

"Being a Cell and Molecular Biology major allows you to explore your curiosity for the smallest inner workings of life in a welcoming, inclusive, and inspiring environment!"