Native plants of the Southwest

Find information on the wild plants of the Southern Rockies and the Four Corners in the FLC Herbarium (FLD). It includes over 14,000 specimens cataloged and digitally photographed with date and site of collection.

The FLC Herbarium is the largest preserved plant collection in Western Colorado and enjoys a long history of dedicated stewardship and contribution to education and the scientific community. The collection focuses on plants of the Four Corners region, with particular attention to Southwest Colorado. Curated by 21st century standards, the collection is online and searchable as part of the Consortium of Southern Rocky Mountain Herbaria.

The Consortium’s database of specimens offers students information on thousands of species of vascular plants to support research in botany, ecology, and other fields. Additionally, FLC contributes to the ever-growing body of mycological research with its collection of over 1700 specimens in the Mycology Collections Portal.

Gentiana parryi from the San Juan Mountains

Regional Herbaria

Find digital photos of preserved plant specimens, see where specimens were collected, and more in this extensive database.

Clavaria purpurea from Weminuche Wilderness


Find out detailed information about mycological specimens from consortium collections of fungus, lichens, and more.

Yucca growing on campus

Campus Plant List

Find campus plant species in the Herbarium, or download a printable list of shrubs & trees you can see on campus.


Contact the Herbarium director, Dr. Ross McCauley, with questions or to arrange a visit.

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