Dr. Renee Beeton

Dr. Renee Beeton
Senior Lecturer of Chemistry

Areas of expertise

  • Analytical and environmental chemistry
  • Chemical education
  • Culturally responsive teaching/professional development
  • Implicit biases in STEM


  • Ph.D., Chemical Education, University of Northern Colorado, 2007
  • M.S., Chemistry, University of Northern Colorado, 2004
  • B.S., Chemistry, North Dakota State University, 2002


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About Dr. Renee Beeton

Renee P. Beeton joined Fort Lewis University in 2021. Her background is in chemical education and her doctoral research focused on gender and ethnicity/racial factors in the development of a science identity in Mexican American high school girls. Her research interests include culturally responsive science teaching, faculty development, and implicit biases in STEM fields. She has managed two Title V grants that spurred campus-wide curricular reforms. Her work from these grants is published in the International Journal of ePortfolio and The Journal of Latinos and Education. She is passionate about teaching, building authentic connections with students, and working with other faculty to create better learning environments. Renee has received awards for her work, including the Presidential Teaching Award from Adams State University and the Outstanding Alumni in Chemistry and Biochemistry Award from the University of Northern Colorado.

Selected Publications

Callahan, S. C.; Alvarez, L. D. C., Howell, C.; Beeton, R. P.; Richmond, A. S. (accepted/in press). International Journal of ePortfolio. Does the ePortfolio Platform Matter? A Focus on Student Choice, Preference, Motivation, and Learning Alliance at a Hispanic Serving Institution.

Alvarez, L. D. C., Beeton, R. P., Saenz, C. N, & Schell, L. A. (accepted/in press). The Journal of Latinos and Education. Redesigning the HSI curricular experience: Moving from Hispanic enrolling to Hispanic serving. 

Beeton, R., Canales, G., & Jones, L. J. (2012). A case study: science identity formation of Mexican American females in high school chemistry.  Chicana/Latina Studies, 11(2), pp. 40-81.

Peterson- Beeton, R. (2007). Minority students’ perspective on chemistry in an alternative high school, The Qualitative Report, 12, 705-728.

Selected Presentations

Beeton, R. B. “Reject the Deficit Narrative: Embracing the Assets of our Latinx Students”, (45- minute virtual workshop). Kindred Spirits Luncheon, Adams State University, March 2, 2021.

Beeton, R. B., & Padilla, V. “Culturally Responsive Teaching in the STEM Classroom” (6-hour ESCALA teaching workshop). St. Xavier University, Chicago, IL, February 29, 2020.  

Wiley-Fauth, T., Beeton, R. P., Salazar, M. “From My Students to Our Students: Reflective Coaching as a Conduit for Faculty Leadership in HSIs” (60-minute presentation), Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institution Educators, Riverside, CA, April 15, 2019.

Cramblet Alvarez, L. D., Beeton, R. B., Schell, L.A. “Inclusive excellence as the foundation for curriculum reform: The Pathways Project” (poster), Association of American Colleges and Universities: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Democracy, San Diego, March 23, 2018.

Leontyev, A., Beeton, R., Tarasova N. P. “Introducing planetary boundaries to chemistry curriculum” (poster) 252 nd American Chemical Society National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, August, 2016.

Beeton, R. P., Hilwig, S., Martinez, T. “ ‘Tug of War’ effect in rating female vs. male chemistry teaching assistants” (presentation). 24nd Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, Greeley, CO, August, 2016.

Kleinschmit, A., Beeton, R. P. Professional Development Series, “A Tale of Two Converts: Essential Questions and Learning Goals” (45-minute workshop). Adams State University, February 29, 2016.

Beeton, R. P., Hilwig, S., Martinez, T. “Perceptions of competency for male and female chemistry majors: Does he receive more credit?” (presentation). 249th ACS National Meeting, Denver, CO, March 2015.

Beeton, R. P. “Adventures with developing two forensics chemistry courses” (presentation). 22nd Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, College City, PA, July 2012.

Beeton, R. B., Jones, M., Miller, C., Travers, M. “Developing laboratory experiments as an undergraduate research experience” (presentation). 21st Biennial Conference on Chemistry Education, Denton, TX, August 2010.