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Share your love of the stage with the next generation

Red stage curtains opened against a white background representing our K-12 Theatre Education major

The thrill of the spotlight, the self-discovery that comes with embodying your character, the collaboration necessary for production—theatre is a powerful venue for self-expression. You’ve experienced this yourself, and you know how important it is for young people to have this opportunity. Combine your passion for theatre with your dedication to future generations in our Theatre K-12 Education major. You’ll improve your own skills in acting, set design, production, and more, while also learning how to teach theatre to others.
This program is designed to support you in attaining teacher licensure in Colorado. To teach theatre in K-12 public schools, you’ll combine the best of a theatre degree with the academics required for a K-12 Teaching license. Find out more about our K-12 Teaching programs on the Teacher Education Department site.

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