Learn about the FLC Theatre Major & Minor

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From day one until graduation, Theatre incorporates visual art, literature, dance, sewing, technology, engineering, math, history, woodworking, and the sciences.

With real-world directing, management, dramaturgy, acting, design, and technical experience, as an FLC Theatre major or minor, you'll also work alongside internationally renowned actors, playwrights, and directors. 

Auditions are not required to become a major unless you're seeking a scholarship. We hold auditions for individual performances.

Theatre Major concentrations

Specialize your area of theatrical expertise when you choose a concentration within our Theatre Major program.

Theatre Design & Technology concentration

Courses in this track focus on creating a powerful set. You’ll learn about stage design and management, lighting and sound, costume design, and more. While you won’t ignore the performance aspects of theatre, this concentration acknowledges your specialization in creating the atmosphere for the performance.

Theatre Performance concentration

Choosing this track will focus your studies on performance. Your courses include dance techniques, make-up, directing, acting for camera and more. While this concentration doesn’t ignore what goes into set design, choosing this track supports your passion for being onstage.

Madeiline Morgan, Theatre, ‘22

"The opportunities and experiences as a first-year are like nothing you’d see at bigger schools. I was involved from the moment I started classes. "

What can you do with a Theatre degree?

Take your vision beyond the stage and go to Broadway, to Hollywood, to Sundance. You'll head out into the world with experience, education, and your passion.