Welcome to the Political Science Department

Political Science StudentsPolitics fuel our communities, and political science seeks to understand those complex social phenomena. The study of political science shapes citizens and leaders who think independently, communicate effectively, and navigate successfully in a multicultural and ever-changing world. A Political Science major prepares students for graduate school or law school, as well as careers in journalism, international affairs, elementary and secondary education, and government.

The Fort Lewis College Political Science Department engages students in this exciting world through classes and student-centered activities that critically explore and evaluate politics and governments both in the United States and internationally. Students also can earn real-world experience through a variety of internships with public interest groups, in legal offices, and as legislative aides to elected officials on the local and state levels.

Our small classes mean you get an individualized education from our expert faculty. Because our faculty's focus is on teaching, they work closely with their students, taking pride in keeping their office doors open, being involved in their students' progress, and tailoring their assistance to each learner's needs.

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