The minor is composed of five coursestwo core courses and your choice of three electives from three different categories.

Core Classes

1. PEAC 101: Intro to Peace and War

An examination of interdisciplinary understandings of foundations of peace and war. This course examines current international peace keeping efforts and human rights’ organizations as well as analyzes current employment opportunities in the field. This course will satisfy a gtPathways Arts and Humanities Ways of thinking (GT-AH3) general education requirement.

2. PEAC 401: Conflict Resolution Strategies
An examination of various conflict resolution strategies including distributive, integrative, and principled negotiation as well as a variety of mediation strategies ranging from traditional to transformative. It requires both scholarly and practical experiences through strategy analysis and numerous role plays.


Three additional courses, one from each category.

Activism (5 courses--choose 1)

  • Anthropology: ANTH 212 Applied Anthropology
  • History
    • HIST 319 Movements of Resistance
    • HIST 335 Work and Workers
  • Sociology: SOC 200 Social Change and Human Services
  • Theatre: THEA 420 Theatre for Social Action

Positive Peace (5 courses--choose 1)

  • Anthropology
    • ANTH 210 Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology
    • ANTH 355 Anthropology of Gender
    • ANTH 358 Native American Gender Issues
  • Political Science: PS 420 Water Politics and Policy
  • Psychology: PSYC 384 Compassion and Stereotyping

Conflict (5 courses--choose 1)

  • History: HIST 334& United States & Vietnam
  • Sociology
    • SOC 364 Criminology: Punishment and Domination
    • SOC 365 Criminology: Transformation and Healing
  • Political Science
    • PS 325 Politics of the Middle East
    • PS 377 Armed Conflict and Its Management

Capstone Course

  • PEAC 401 as students prepare for their certification exam