The Peace and Conflict Studies Minor provides an interdisciplinary study of peace, war, international relations, and conflict resolution. It is designed for those interested in careers in adventure education, conflict resolution, management, public relations, organization work, and social work. The minor is designed to build analytical skills that can be applied to a range of situations. Specifically, students will become more familiar with positive and negative peace, nationalism, nation building, globalization, and conflict resolution strategies including negotiation and mediation.

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What Peace Students Do

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Get work!

  • Katie Lewis works with local attorney Tina Martinez
  • Darian DeCora works for the Public Defender's Office
  • PEAC 401 students partnered with the Shanta Foundation to research and write grant proposals for their community projects
  • Peace Studies graduate Conor Laing is now working in Washington, D.C. for the National Journal (Atlantic Media) as a Health Policy Analyst and has offered contact help for PCS students. Contact him now  here.

Present your Research at International Conferences!

  • Tate Howes and Alicia Nequatewa presented "Pathways to Healing: Peace Through Reconciliation"
  • Elizabeth Ferguson and Amanda Vodicka presented "Battle for Bear Ears: Exposing Injustices Towards Indigenous People"
  • Haley Escheman, Alicia Nequatewa, Lauren Watson, and Sienna Wells presented their paper "Celebrating Indigenous Peoples: A Pathway to Peace"

Meet Activists and Scholars in Peace Classes!


PCS is hosting a Restorative Justice training on campus to help build a critical mass of RJ practitioners

PEAC Minor Jackson Berridge and PCS Director Erik Juergensmeyer attended Notre Dame's Building Sustainable Peace: Ideas, Evidence, and Strategies Conference at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

Collaborating with the Political Science Club, PCS hosted a showing of FLC Alumna Alexdria Bombach's On Her Shoulders on Veterans Day

PCS coordinator Dr. Erik Juergensmeyer participated in a panel discussion on ending youth incarceration. 

PCS is hosting a round table discussion entitled "Myanmar: past, Present, Future". Mike and Tricia Karpfen from the Shanta Foundation will help us better understand the troubling current events. 

PEAC 101 students Chris Mendoza and Ava Worm interview local activist and author Katrina Blair on KDUR.

FLC Peace 101 Students spend Thanksgiving Break at Black Mesa, continuing a project from PEAC 401

FLC PEAC 101 students Rachel Giersch, Breet Sherman, and Jaylen Terry produce a song based on the injustices of Black Mesa. Listen here.

On Veterans Day, Peace and Conflict Studies screens Frame by Frame and hosts a discussion by Peace minor graduate and veteran Michael Long.

FLC Peace and Conflict Studies now hosts Peace Studies Journal.

Join us for Hip Hop for social justice

The Water Justice Project--a PEAC 401 product--has a successful Animas River cleanup!

KDUR radio show documents work of FLC faculty engaged in activism and ending structural violence. 

PEAC Minor students host fundraiser/silent auction for orphanage in Tanzania at the DSNGRR Train Museum.

FLC faculty Drs. Erik Juergensmeyer, Pete McCormick, and Bill Mangrum attend Notre Dame Kroc Institute for Teaching Peace in the 21st Century


PCS is hosting a workshop entitled Emotional Intelligence Training on 11/13 at 7pm in the Senate Chambers.