A message from the Deans

Welcome to Fort Lewis College School of Education! We have a saying in our graduate program advertising that applies to all programs: Teacher Licensure, Adventure Education, and Educational Studies. The saying is “see the change, be the change.” We encourage all of our students to focus on something you see in the field of education that needs to be altered, adapted, fine-tuned or radically transformed, created again, built from scratch.

Whether you come to the School of Education seeking an undergraduate degree to become a classroom teacher, outdoor educator, adventure guide or youth program developer, our faculty and staff will connect you to new theories and perspectives as well as new school or slot canyons that you never knew existed.

If you are craving an online or hybrid graduate program that allows you to learn from other peers and expert professionals and faculty, you will find School of Education full of opportunities to advance your career in areas of your passion. Once you are able to discover these new ways of thinking, or confirm inner desires, we will support you to find the right internship, school to visit, or student teaching experience that will allow you to hone your knowledge and skills to create that change you seek in your life and in the educational system. So find out more about the School of Education so you can “see the change, be the change!”

Dr. Jennifer Trujillo, Dean of the School of Education
Dr. Chiara Cannella, Associate Dean of the School of Education