Show, don't tell

Student walking through a field outside Durango--this is a portrait that our staff photographer took
Portrait by our staff photographer in alignment with our brand guidelines

Images compel. Telling your story in photos or video, is an exciting way to engage your audience. Our team focuses on telling FLC's story and capturing key campus events in a way that communicates our brand to future students and the community. To this end we maintain a library of photographs for use by faculty and staff, and schedule shoots as much as possible.

Get photos from the library

Find photos for use in projects in Photoshelter. You can search by keyword or browse the gallery, and download photos in a variety of sizes.

Schedule a shoot

Our team will be at many of the bigger campus events to shoot photos and video. However, we often aren’t aware of the exciting things your department or class is up to unless you tell us. If you’re holding and event or scheduling an activity with students that carries the story of FLC, and you’d like our photographer and/or videographer present, submit a request. Please give us as much notice as possible so we can get you on the schedule.

Request photo or video service

In-house video production

Professional video to showcase what we do at FLC

See our videos on YouTube

Freelance artists

We do our best to cover as many of the amazing things our community does as possible. Still, we can't be everywhere. Check out this list of freelancer photographers and videographers who may be able to help you out when we can't.

Model release

If you're going with a freelancer, you'll need a model release signed by anyone in the photos or videos in order to use them for promotional purposes. Lucky for you, we have one for you.