Trademark & Logo Use

It is important that Fort Lewis College (FLC) project an image of excellence and cohesiveness through the proper use of our visual identity. The elements that represent the Fort Lewis College brand must be used consistently and with integrity. Over time, recognition of our brand creates a positive connection with our audiences.

We have two distinct FLC identities: our institutional logo, to be used on all academic materials, and our athletic logo (Skyhawk), for sports related uses only. All FLC marks have trademark protection. FLC, like many major colleges and universities, has implemented a trademark licensing program to regulate the use of its marks in publication, online, on signage and on apparel and gifts.

The goals of the Trademark Licensing Program are to protect FLC names and marks and control who uses them and how they are used, to promote the FLC brand through merchandise sales and increased product placement, and to profit from the collection of customary revenue for those uses.

We are available to help you learn to use the logos properly and answer any questions!

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