Fort Lewis College Scholarships

Fort Lewis College Scholarships

Fort Lewis College offers a number of scholarships to existing students as well as incoming freshmen. These include:

  • Institutional Scholarships & Grants
  • FLC Foundation Scholarships
    • All States
    • In State Only
  • Alumni Scholarships
  • Departmental Scholarships
  • Native American Scholarships
  • Outside Scholarships

Important Information and Scholarship Policies

This website does not provide complete detailed information on every scholarship listed.  Please contact the department offering the scholarship if you have specific questions or need more complete information.  Mouse over "Scholarships" in the blue bar on the left to see our Institutional Scholarships.

Some of the scholarships listed will require an application.  Unless otherwise noted, applications must be obtained from and returned to the department authorizing the scholarship.  Scholarships are generally for full-time, degree-seeking students who have not previously earned a bachelor's degree.

Scholarships are credited to the student's Fort Lewis College bill.  Amounts are approximate and depend on fund availability each year. The total amounts are for the entire year and are split evenly between Fall and Spring terms, unless otherwise indicated.  The recipient must sign a Financial Aid Award Notification formally accepting the scholarship and agreeing to the conditions governing financial aid.

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You will find the following terms in this web page. Please become familiar with them.

  • Academic Year - Fall and Winter terms, generally September - April.
  • CO - Colorado.
  • CO Resident - Colorado resident as defined for tuition classification purposes. Please contact the Registrar's Office or the Admission Office for specifics.
  • County - all counties referred to are presumed to be in Colorado, unless otherwise stated 
  • Degree-seeking Student – Student enrolled in an academic program that leads to a specific degree such as Bachelor's of Art or Bachelor's of Science.
  • EFC - Expected Family Contribution, established by the US Dept. of Education according to your FAFSA, used to determine need for financial aid    
  • FAFSA - The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which is used to determine financial need. You may go to and complete it on-line. It should be completed, signed and transmitted to the US Department of Education as soon after January 1st as possible, but no later than February 15th to be considered an early applicant. Go to to obtain a pin number to sign your FAFSA.  The Office of Financial Aid strongly urges you to complete a FAFSA each year whether the scholarship(s) you are applying for requires one or not.
  • FLC – Fort Lewis College
  • Full-time Student – Minimum 12 credit hours per term, many institutional merit-based scholarships require the student to enroll in and pass at least 15 credit hours per term
  • GPA - Grade Point Average - When a required GPA is listed, it is the minimum GPA to be considered for the scholarship award.
  • Index - Colorado Commission on Higher Education Admission Eligibility Index, used to determine eligibility for certain scholarships.