Third-party scholarship guidelines

Are you applying for a third-party scholarship?

Requirements for scholarship applications vary, but many scholarship agencies request documents we've made available for you to request, like Enrollment Verification, Financial Needs Analysis, and Transcripts. Only request documents your scholarship application requires.

Current and confirmed students — request documents

Prospective students — contact Skyhawk Station for help

Were you awarded a third-party scholarship?

Congratulations! If you’ve received an award letter from the agency, please forward it to Most scholarship agencies send the award check to Fort Lewis College, and the Financial Aid Office applies the scholarship funds directly to the student’s bill.

If the scholarship agency allows, any remaining funds left after expenses are paid will be refunded to you. Some agencies require Fort Lewis College to return any unused funds to them.

If you receive scholarship funds directly from the agency

Financial Aid must be made aware of any scholarship money you receive so we can keep track of your aid and ensure you are not receiving funds over the cost of attendance at Fort Lewis College.

Inform Financial Aid

For Private Scholarship Agencies

  • Please identify the student’s name and ID number in the memo field or with the scholarship award letter
  • Make checks payable to "Fort Lewis College"
  • Please mail scholarship checks to:

Financial Aid Office
1000 Rim Drive
101 Skyhawk Station
Durango, CO, 81301