Learn about the Skyhawk Emergency Grant

Fort Lewis College is committed to helping our enrolled students reach their full potential and persist through graduation.

We understand when students can suddenly face different challenges, including the inability to secure housing, afford basic needs, find access to resources for online learning, or sometimes have unexpected expenses arise, making it hard for students to concentrate on academics. Unexpected expenses could be car repairs, emergency medical bills, or something out of the ordinary that you did not expect. *It is important to note that your college bill is not an UNEXPECTED expense and will not qualify.

In these situations, the Skyhawk Emergency Grant Committee may be able to help students cover these expenses with a one-time grant thanks to generous gifts through Fort Lewis College Foundation donors. When we review grant requests, we consider a student’s financial, academic and disciplinary records as well as a student’s course load and degree-seeking status.

Eligibility for Skyhawk Emergency Grant

To qualify for a Skyhawk Emergency Grant, you must be a current student taking courses currently at Fort Lewis College and must have utilized all available funding sources.

This grant opens up for applications on January 23, 2023.

Apply for Skyhawk Emergency Grant


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Phone: 970-247-7142