Get involved on campus

Student organizations provide opportunities for students to develop and strengthen their leadership skills. There are over 80 registered student organizations and other leadership opportunities available. The Leadership Center is the primary resource for information and support for campus involvement opportunities.

Housing-Sponsored organizations include:

  • Residence Hall AssociationRHA - Fort Lewis College
    RHA plans programs and activities for students on campus, including social, educational, cultural, and recreational programs. RHA works to make Fort Lewis College an even better place to live. RHA teaches students organizational and communication skills, event planning, teamwork, time management, and more. RHA is part of the international organization NACURH and members attend conferences to promote residence hall living.
  • National Residence Hall Honorary
    NRHH recognizes the top 1% of student leaders living on campus.
  • Hall Government
    Hall Government is a student-governed organization in each hall and apartment complex that provides social and educational activities to residential students. Each resident is assessed a fee to support Hall Government and RHA events and activities. Joining Hall Government is a great way to meet other residents, voice opinions, and gain skills in leadership, accounting, and advertising. Hall Government executive board membership and meeting attendance can help build resumes

    Contact the Residence Director of your building for additional information.