FLC Campus Housing forms and resources

Find the most frequently requested Housing forms and resources. Contact Housing for questions or help.

Cancellation of Housing Application

Cancellation of Housing Application before assuming occupancy:

  • You can cancel your housing application before moving in.
  • You can fill out the cancellation request form or email studenthousing@fortlewis.edu from your FLC email account.
  • Cancellations made by phone won't be accepted.
  • If you've already moved in and are planning to withdraw from FLC, please contact the Student Housing Office.
  • Fall Term: Cancellations received after July 1st and on or before August 1st forfeit the entire Housing Deposit.
  • Spring Term: Cancellations received after December 1st and on or before January 1st forfeit the entire Housing Deposit.
  • Summer Term: Cancellations received after April 1st forfeit the entire Housing Deposit.

Cancellation request form

Cancellations and Early Termination after assuming occupancy:

  • Fall and Spring terms, you can cancel the Student Housing Contract before the end of the Contract if you won't return to the College for the spring term.
    • Written notification must be received by December 1st, and notifications received after that date may result in forfeiture of the housing deposit or additional charges.
    • If you withdraw from the College during the contract period, the room and board assessment will be in accordance with the current refund policy.
    • You can't cancel the Student Housing Contract during the academic year to move to off-campus accommodation while remaining a student at FLC.
  • Summer Housing, if you withdraw during the contract period, the room assessment will be based on a daily pro-rata, and if you withdraw after 80% of the contract duration, no refund will be issued.


First-year Student Housing Exemption Form

All first-year students must live on campus for two semesters (fall and spring), unless they meet these requirements:

  • Live with parents/guardians within 60 miles of campus
  • Are 20 years of age or older
  • Lived in a residential school for at least one year
  • Have prior military service
  • Are married or a parent

To be exempt, you need to submit a written request and get approval from the Housing Director. If you don't request an exemption when you apply for on-campus housing and are assigned a room for the fall term, you must live on campus for the entire academic year.

Exemption Request Form

Roommate/Suitemate Agreement

Moving in with a new roommate can be a fun and exciting experience! It is important to create healthy expectations of one another in order to live in a comfortable environment. This roommate/suite agreement is meant to help guide that process and document your expectations for potential future usage.
Together with your roommate and or suitemates, take time to fill out this agreement. Discuss each question together carefully and make sure your responses are clear and concise. 

Roommate/Suitemate Agreement

Room Change Request Form

By filling out this form, you are asking to change your current room assignment. Your Residence Director will reach out to you to discuss why you want to move.

  • We can't guarantee that we'll be able to move you right away, and we may not be able to accommodate all requests.
  • If we can move you, you'll have 48 hours after the given date to move into your new room.
  • We can't reserve rooms or put you on a waitlist for a specific residential hall. Your new room will depend on availability.
  • A $40 room change fee will be added to your student account once your room change is approved.

If you have an emergency, please contact a Student Housing staff member right away. For other questions, please talk to your RD or the Student Housing Office.

Fill out Room Change Request Form

Community standards documents

Find helpful resources on safety information and student housing procedures. These documents further detail the campus rules and policies every student must know and follow:

Housing Department Learning Outcomes

Purpose of Student Housing:

  • Provide a quality living and learning experience for the campus community.
  • Foster community, celebrate diversity, maximize facilities, and focus on individual growth for residents and student staff.

Assessments of Student Housing:

  • Assess experiences, satisfaction levels, and learning outcomes of residents, guests, and student staff.
  • Use a variety of methods for assessments, such as annual surveys, analysis of reports and trends, event evaluations, process debriefs, and focus groups.
  • Assess specific learning outcomes related to various aspects of residence life.

Sample Learning Outcomes:

  • Residents involved in disciplinary action for drug and alcohol incidents will learn to make balanced life choices and decrease their incidence of similar conduct.
  • Residents who participate in Living Learning Communities or Faculty in Residence programs will establish positive relations with program faculty and staff.
  • First-year campus residents will establish a positive sense of social competence during their first academic year.
  • Resident Assistants will be proficient at using tools to identify resident needs and utilize information to improve the residence life community.
  • Resident Assistants will identify an awareness of diversity and articulate how to contribute to an inclusive social climate.