About Census

Census (sometimes called Census Date) is the official count of student enrollment at FLC and it is conducted at the end of the 12th day of classes for Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. Census always falls on Tuesday of the third week of classes.

The summer term has only one Census date even though many classes have varied start dates. Courses dropped after Summer Census are considered withdrawals, even if the class hasn't started yet. These courses will appear on your transcript and you will be responsible for some or all tuition and fees.

How Census Affects Registration and Withdrawal

Below are some important things to know about Census. 

  • Courses dropped before 11:59 p.m. on the day of Census DO NOT appear on your transcript.
  • Courses dropped after Census DO appear on your transcript. We refer to courses dropped after Census as withdrawals, and they appear on your transcript with a "grade" of "CW" (Course Withdrawal), "AW" (Administrative Withdrawal), or "SW" (Semester Withdrawal), depending on the circumstances.
  • You need to come to Skyhawk Station in person in order to withdraw from a course after Census.