Semester Withdrawal (SW)

What is a Semester Withdrawal?

A Semester Withdrawal (also known as an SW) is when an enrolled student withdraws from all of their classes between Census (the 12th day of the semester) and the final day of classes for a semester. Each student may do one (and only one) Semester Withdrawal while they are an undergraduate student at FLC. Students can use their SW for any reason and for any semester. (NOTE: An SW does not count against your three available Course Withdrawals.)

Transcripts, GPA, & Credits

All of the courses from which you withdraw using a Semester Withdrawal will appear on your transcript with "SW" where you would usually see a grade. SWs do not factor into either your semester or cumulative grade point averages (GPA). You will not be awarded credit for SW courses.

Financial Aid & On-Campus Housing Eligibility

Housing: Withdrawing from the current semester will make you ineligible to live on campus and you will have 48 hours to vacate the residence halls. Contact the Housing Office as soon as possible if you are considering a Semester Withdrawal so that you can plan your move accordingly.

Financial Aid: Any change in your enrollment status can affect your eligibility for student loans and scholarships. If you have questions about your eligibility, contact Skyhawk Station by phone (970-247-7301) or (email the Skyhawk Station).

Tuition & Fees

You are still responsible for some or all of the tuition and fees for your classes, depending on when you withdraw. See the Fort Lewis College Refund Policies for more information.


The SW deadline is the last regular day of classes for the semester from which the you intend to withdraw. You cannot do a Semester Withdrawal after that date for any reason.

How to Initiate a Semester Withdrawal

You can do a Semester Withdrawal on WebOPUS any time between Census (the 12th day of the semester) and the last regular day of classes by following the steps below.

  1. Log in to your WebOPUS account.
  2. Click "My student Profile"
  3. Click "Withdraw from the Current Term"  (located on the links on the left side)
  4. Read the important information that appears
  5. Click "Submit Request to Withdraw from the Current Term"
  6. Complete the form that appears
  7. Click "Withdraw from Current Term Now"

Questions & Assistance

Stop by Skyhawk Station, send us an email, or give us a call at 970-247-7301. We’re here to help!