Love your SkyCard & it'll love you back

Manage your SkyCard from your phone

24/7 The phone app will allow you to freeze your SkyCard if it goes missing. To deposit SkyCash from the mobile phone app, you must save credit card information in your online SkyCard account module, SkyCard - Manage your account which can also be found as one of the Quick Links in your theFort portal account. Download the Transact eAccounts app from the Apple Store or Google Play and install on your mobile device. You’ll login using your FLC credentials, and then you can access your SkyCard account to add cash, freeze the SkyCard or check balances from your mobile device.

Take care of your SkyCard

Do not punch a hole in your SkyCard. This could damage the card and require you to purchase a replacement ($15.00).

Lost or stolen cards

If you lose your SkyCard, login to your SkyCard account to freeze your account. Do this fast as you’ll be responsible for any purchases made prior to notifying SkyCard Services. Only the balance remaining at that point can be protected.

If your SkyCard cannot be found, Students can go to Skyhawk Station to pick up a replacement card or use our online replacement SkyCard form ($15.00). When you get your new card, unfreeze your account to begin using it. Your old card becomes disabled when your new card is created.

Refunding cash from your SkyCard

Contact our Accounting office for refunds of unused SkyCash.

Card malfunctions

For issues with your card's functionality, such as meal plan or door access, please contact Randy Willis at or 970-247-7504 (office) or 970-903-4505 (cell).