How to view and accept your Financial Aid package

You will receive a Financial Aid award package from the Financial Aid Office after they process your FAFSA.

View your Financial Aid package in WebOPUS

FLC mails official award letters for the upcoming school year to incoming first-year students and emails them to continuing students' FLC email accounts starting in January.

Accept your Financial Aid package

Financial Aid is applied as it is awarded and received. You must accept your financial aid electronically on your account.

  • Read the "Terms & Conditions" and then accept (or decline) the aid on your WebOPUS account.  
  • Students accepting a Federal Direct Loan offer for the first time at FLC must complete loan entrance counseling and a master promissory note.
  • Accepting aid and completing all requirements must happen for aid to disburse.  
  • Aid not disbursed by the Census Date of the first term you begin the academic year may get canceled (excluding Pell Grant and Federal Direct Loans.) 

Accept Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan

Parents who want to borrow a Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan must:

  1. Have their student accept the Parent PLUS loan in their WebOPUS account
  2. Apply for the loan
  3. Parents who are first-time borrowers at Fort Lewis College must complete a master promissory note

Parents need to be sure they are using their FSA ID and password and not the student's FSA ID and password when completing the above steps.

Make sure you're enrolled in the right credit hours

Your credit hours affect your aid disbursement.

  • Undergraduates must enroll in at least 12 credit hours per term for most types of aid to be disbursed (Graduate students: 9+ credits is full-time, 6-8 is ¾ time, 4-5 is ½ time).
  • Undergraduates enrolling in less than 12 credit hours must notify the Financial Aid Office in writing before the term starts for their aid to disburse according to enrolled hours. If this doesn't happen, the student's aid adjusts to the credit hours they enrolled in on Census, and then the aid will disburse.  

Mark your calendar for aid disbursement

Financial aid automatically credits your bill when enrolled in 12 credit hours or more (9 credit hours for graduate students). The earliest financial aid can credit towards your bill for the semester is ten days before classes begin.

After your bill is paid in full, any extra money will be available to you in a refund. Students can get their refunds the week before a semester begins in a direct deposit if they've already established a direct deposit or have sent to their mailing address on file.

Prepare for the start of the semester

Plan to bring some money to cover last minute items you may need. If you don't have enough money to buy books, supplies or a parking permit, you can add those items to your bill.

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