Verifying documents for your financial aid package

If you are selected for verification, our office needs to confirm the information on your FAFSA application before we can determine your eligibility for need-based aid. Don't assume you've done something wrong if you've been chosen for verification.

The most common types of verification documents we request:  

  • Student's and/or parent's IRS tax transcript.
  • Parents' and/or students' W-2(s) 
  • Verification Worksheets 
  • Copies of social security cards 
  • Birth certificates 
  • Marriage licenses 
  • Income and expense statements 
  • Asset statements 
  • Eligible non-citizen status documents

How are students notified of outstanding verification items?

The Financial Aid Office emails your FLC email requesting additional documents and/or information to meet verification requirements. You can view outstanding requirements in WebOPUS under the Financial Aid tab.

What happens after the Financial Aid Office receives the forms?

We make corrections to your FAFSA information based on what we receive. Sometimes, submitting documentation can result in us requesting additional information. Verification can change the amount and/or type of aid you were offered in the original award notice.

Verification deadline

Complete all outstanding verification items by the Census Date to avoid any aid offers getting canceled.

Contact us

Skyhawk Station

Phone: 970-247-7301
Drop-in: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday - Friday


Skyhawk Station staff will check you in and guide you to a self-service kiosk or connect you with a Skyhawk Specialist or Advisor.