Review our refund policies

Change of instruction due to public health emergency

As Fort Lewis College plans for instruction in the coming academic year, students are advised that in response to a further public health emergency or potential public health emergency such as COVID-19, some or all instruction for all or part of any particular academic year may be delivered remotely. Any necessary adjustments to instruction will be made congruent with public health considerations. Tuition and fees have been set regardless of the method of instruction and will not be refunded in the event instruction occurs remotely for any part of the year.

Financial Aid Refunds

In most cases, the financial aid a student is to receive each term will be automatically credited when the student confirms full-time enrollment (at least 12 credit hours). Any funds awarded in excess of the direct charges due and payable to the institution will normally be made available to the student at the beginning of the term.

Checks for excess financial aid funds will be available the first day of class if the student early registers as a full time student. Aid will not be processed until the student's financial aid file is complete. eRefunds are available through Student Account Suite and will allow the funds to be in the eRefund account prior to the start of school as long as the student has correctly set up the account and confirmed his/her enrollment.

Financial Aid is applied as it is awarded and received. You must accept your financial aid electronically on your WebOpus account. Go to Financial Aid for more information.

When financial aid exceeds the amount of institutional charges, a refund will be made available. The initial refund is created for the student when all aid credits at the same time. If the Federal Direct Parent Loan disburses after other aid has credited, a refund will be produced for the parent borrower unless designated otherwise on the Federal Direct Parent Loan promissory note.

Refund of Overpayments

Charges paid with a credit card and then reversed will be credited back to the credit card. All other overpayments will be refunded to the student. A 30-day hold may be placed on larger amounts paid with a personal check.

Assessment of Tuition & Fee Charges Upon Dropping a Class with Continued Enrollment

Students who drop a class on or before Census day but remain enrolled will receive a 100 percent refund of tuition and fees for that class. Students who drop a class the day after Census but remain enrolled are required to pay 100 percent of tuition and fees for that course (no refund).

Assessment of Tuition & Fee Charges Upon Complete Withdrawal from School

Students who are registered for classes and decide not to attend have the responsibility to cancel classes before the first day of the relevant term. Nonattendance does not constitute cancellation or withdrawal.

Students who officially withdraw during the fall, spring, and summer terms will be assessed tuition and fees according to the Pro-rata Schedule below:

Date of Withdrawal
Tuition & Fees Assessment
1st day of Term through Census 10%
Day after Census through end of Week 4 of the Term 60%
Week 5 - 9 75%
Week 10 Forward 100% (full tuition and fees)

To be eligible to receive the reduction in tuition and fees according to this schedule, the official withdrawal must be completed using WebOpus prior to midnight on the Sunday of the week indicated.

Students withdrawing on or after the first day of the term will be charged the full enrollment (matriculation fee). The confirmation fee will not be refunded.

Room and board charges are calculated using the same schedule based on the date of check out from Student Housing. A student must check out of Student Housing within 48 hours of withdrawing from the College. Disciplinary removals from Student Housing will result in full assessment of room charges and forfeiture of the housing deposit.

Students who receive financial aid and then withdraw may be required to repay all or a proportionate amount of aid received. Repayment amounts are determined in accordance with federal, state and institutional regulations and policies. Refunds and repayments for students receiving Title IV financial aid will be calculated using the "Return of Title IV Funds" formula.

Refunds will be sent to the student at their permanent address when the withdrawal process is completed. There is a 30-day hold on payments made with a personal check. Payments made on a credit card will be credited back to the credit card.

Housing Deposit Refunds

For students who have assumed occupancy/lived with us, the $150 deposit, less any damages and/or obligations to the College, will be returned no later than sixty (60) days after the student has officially “checked out” from Student Housing. Exceptions include when the deposit is applied to future housing applications, and when the check-out is due to a withdrawal, disciplinary removal, or other unauthorized early departure from the contracted period.

For students who have not yet moved in, the deposit will be returned only after receiving a written cancelation of the student’s housing application by the appropriate deadlines.

For complete information, please go to Student Housing or contact their office at 970-247-7503.