Turn your curiosity into contribution

FLC students and faculty in Tanzania and Ethiopia

Today’s anthropology is concerned with addressing the problems faced by people in a global community. In its early days, anthropology was an almost exclusively academic discipline. With new ways of thinking, the field has shifted its focus to service and contribution through the application of scientific and humanistic methods. The faculty at FLC embody this active approach to anthropological work. Through faculty mentorship, field schools, and internships, our students are thoroughly supported in applying their education in the real world.

Available in every subfield

Whichever subfield speaks to your sense of adventure, inspires your curiosity, and channels your strengths, there are applications for it both within and outside of academia. Archaeologists, bioarchaeologists and cultural anthropologists in cultural resource management work to ensure that new development and construction doesn’t inadvertently destroy graves or culturally significant artifacts or sites. Public health and social service agencies in multicultural or tribal communities hire sociocultural and biocultural anthropologists to effectively meet the needs of their clients; biological anthropologists work with law enforcement to solve crimes or pursue careers in health-related fields. Linguistic anthropologists work in various public institutions and in the area of preserving endangered languages. Students with a focus in any of the subfields may go on to work in heritage preservation and museum settings for tribal agencies and the National Park Service among other institutions.

Minor in Applied Anthropology

Students who are interested in putting anthropological theory and methods to use in their work, but wish to major in another discipline might consider our Applied Anthropology minor. The minor sets out a course path that specifically covers these applications of Anthropology. The Forensic Studies Minor is a related minor that can be combined with the Anthropology Major for students interested in pursuing a career in a forensic-related discipline.



Get started now

Take anthropology into real world applications even before you graduate. Many anthropology students complete an internship during their studies. This is a great way to explore some of the ways you can put your studies to work outside of research and academia.

Also consider one of our field schools: get your hands dirty on a dig in the Southwest, or travel to Tanzania to work with communities on local issues.