Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing the philosophy program you will be able to complete a number of tasks. Click here to view our learning outcomes.

Guide to Writing Philosophy:

Writing a good philosophy paper is difficult. The philosophy faculty at Fort Lewis work hard to make it less so. We want you to become better thinkers and becoming a better writer is an excellent first step in doing so. While you will be given explicit instructions in class regarding your particular assignment, this page provides standards for grades of A, C and F, and links to external web pages that provide instruction on reading/writing philosophy.

External Guides on Writing or Reading Philosophy:

Undergraduate Journals in Philosophy:

Undergraduate Conferences for Philosophy:

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet:

It should come as no surprise that much of what's available on the internet is unreliable. The following links should help navigate the flood of available information.

Philosophy References:

Graduate School Information:

Professional Organizations and Periodicals: