Philosophy makes sense of reality

Professor Sarah Roberts Cady instructing a philosophy class

The study of philosophy explores the fascinating range of theories humans have developed in our attempt to comprehend the world.

You will gain a firm understanding of the history of philosophy while exploring contemporary approaches in four prominent areas of philosophy: metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and logic.


Students of Philosophy

To reason and think about everything is to be a philosopher


What makes our program stand out

Small classes & active faculty

Philosophy classes at Fort Lewis College encourage lively debate among students and professors over issues most central to our lives. The Philosophy Club sponsors numerous receptions, talks, and events. We also offer exciting off-campus experiences to students interested in combining philosophy with adventurous trips abroad.

You receive individualized education from our expert faculty. The faculty keep their office doors open, involve themselves in their student's progress, and tailor their assistance to each learner's needs. You can learn more about our department right here or download our brochure (PDF).

Philosophy in the real world

Choosing a major in philosophy is an excellent choice. A philosophy major challenges you to develop your reasoning to support advanced careers in business and law or graduate work in the humanities.

Many students find it worthwhile to double major in philosophy and another field, like biology, in preparation for medical school and a career in medicine.

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