Philosophy major

Probe life’s most complex questions

Illustration of logical ordering in a flow chart-type drawing on a piece of paper against a white background to represent our Philosophy major

Prepare to listen, learn, and flex your critical thinking muscles as you engage in lively debate with classmates and professors who are just as curious about philosophical exploration.

Study how to identify problems, evaluate solutions, and articulate your viewpoint – all excellent skills for business and management-type positions or further studies in law and graduate school.

Benjamin Brewer, Philosophy Major

Why some laws should be followed and others are questionable.


Sophie Schwartz, Philosophy major & Political Science, ‘21

"FLC’s Philosophy Department is so unique thanks to our philosophy professors. They bring compassion, excitement, enthusiasm, and thoughtfulness to the practice of philosophy and critical thinking."

Discussion at the core

In and out of class, discussion is at the root of philosophy. You'll dive into the deepest recesses of human thought in coursework and, should you choose, in the Philosophy Club. These are just some of the ways you'll explore the human condition.

Course highlights

Some of the courses you might enjoy as a Philosophy include:

  • Environmental Ethics
  • Mind, consciousness, and Language
  • Philosophy and the Nature of Reality
  • God, Faith, and Reason
  • Philosophy of Science
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Philosophy Club

Tackle difficult questions on meaningful topics with guest presenters, faculty, and fellow students. Look at notions of justice with questions like, “What’s unjust about the gender pay gap?” Consider egalitarianism through the lens of “left-libertarianism.” The Philosophy Club meets twice each month for presentations and discussion.

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Experience philosophy

See and feel how philosophy shapes the places we live as you explore destinations such as Spain, Greece, Costa Rica, Italy and India. Join classmates and professors as you learn about the philosophies of the region you’re in, discuss issues relevant today, and even intern or volunteer with local organizations.

FLC Philosophy majors in Italy; a lesson from FLC professor Justin McBrayer

What can you do with a Philosophy degree?

Thinking through a problem with sound reason and logic will you serve you well in just about any career. A philosophy degree from Fort Lewis College gives you a versatile foundation for whatever's ahead.