Take philosophy out of the classroom

The Philosophy Club is a student organization promoting philosophical discussion outside of class. Students meet twice each month to discuss a wide variety of philosophical issues. Meetings are open to anyone with an interest in philosophy.

Club Officers for 2020-21

  • Sophie Schwartz, President
  • Rachel Lee, Vice-president
  • Charlie MacFarlane, Secretary
  • Dawson Gipp, Treasurer


All meetings are on Mondays from 7-8:30 p.m. in the Vallecito Room and by Zoom link.

  • February 8 - Bramble’s Pandemic Ethics Jacob Lichty, Cole Rodgers, and Sophie Schwartz, Philosophy Majors, Fort Lewis College
  • February 22 - The Nature of a Movement: Is There an Anti-Intellectual Movement? Cole Rodgers and Dylan Williams, Philosophy Majors, Fort Lewis College
  • March 15 - What is the Fake News Crisis and Why Do We Face It? Dr. Justin McBrayer, Philosophy Professor, Fort Lewis College
  • April 5 - Buddhist Theory and Practice Victor Lopez and Myoung Lee, Durango Dharma Center
  • April 19 - FLC President Tom Stritikus, A Conversation on Education and Leadership with the President

A Selected Sample of Past Presentations

  • "Left-Libertarianism as a Promising Form of Liberal Egalitarianism",  Dr. Peter Vallentyne, University of Missouri (2019)  
  • "Minimizing Marriage", Dr. Elizabeth Brake, Arizona State University (2015)
  • "Do We Have Souls?", Dr. Eric Olson, University of Sheffield, UK (2014)
  • “Skeptical Religion: What it Means and Why it Matters”, Dr. J.L. Schellenberg, Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada (2013)
  • "On Pridelessness", Dr. Jeremy Fischer, University of Calgary (2012)
  • "De-fusing the Darwinian Dilemma", Dr. Christina van Dyke, Calvin College (2012)
  • "Do we have a Moral Obligation to Obey the Law?", Dr. Peter Markie, University of Missouri (2011)
  • "Is Epistemic Self-Reliance an Ideal?", Dr. Linda Zagzebski, University of Oklahoma (2011)
  • "The Intelligent Design Debate", Dr. Martin Curd, Purdue University (2009)

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For more information, contact:

Dr. Dugald Owen, Associate Professor of Philosophy
215 Noble Hall
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