1. Personal Learning
    1. Maintain a faculty staffing level that offers classes in small, more personal settings
    2. Offer teaching improvement training opportunities to permanent and part-time faculty to ensure continued teaching quality
  2. Impactful, diverse learning experiences
    1. Provide a diverse curriculum which includes experiential and applied learning activities
    2. Offer opportunities for international learning experiences which integrate with student success initiatives
    3. Offer community-based learning experiences at all levels of coursework
  3. Quality and Innovation
    1. Focus on continuous improvement as outlined in AACSB standards
    2. Maintain rigorous and thoughtful assessment processes
    3. Encourage curriculum innovation, both in connection with new areas of business education and new pedagogical approaches to current courses
  4. Engaged Teacher-Scholars
    1. Support faculty endeavors resulting in conference presentations and peer-reviewed journal articles
    2. Encourage and support faculty engagement with our external stakeholders
  5. Impact
    1. Identify tools to measure student and faculty impact in accord with AACSB expectations
    2. Support faculty, student and staff activities that make a positive difference in our local, state and educational communities