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Navigate any path with a degree in economics

Stacks of pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters against a white background representing our Economics major

To study economics is to investigate the individual’s predictable – and surprising – behaviors in society. Economists learn the set of rules incentivizing these behaviors in order to predict outcomes and navigate the unexpected. At FLC, Economics majors hone financial and analytical skills through real-world projects conducted right here in our community.


Cara Nair, Economics major, '16

"To earn an Economics degree demonstrates critical thinking and a thorough understanding of people’s actions and motivations. At FLC, you will be encouraged to utilize your learning in a multitude of ways, including real-life applications."

Rich education

At is root, Economics is about critical thinking and thorough analysis. These are skills that serve you no matter where you go with your degree. Add to that the personalized education you get at FLC, with small classes and engaged faculty, and you can tailor your economics degree to fit your path.

Don't just study Econ. Do it.

You’ll have the chance to work on real projects with real clients in our community while you’re studying. Many students conduct an Economic Impact Study—something that municipalities, government offices, or other organizations use in fundraising, planning, and decision-making.

Round out your studies

Since Econ majors don’t take all the core Business Administration courses, you’ll have time to incorporate courses from related fields such as Philosophy, History, Sociology, Psychology, or whatever complements your interests, helps you find your niche, or launches you to your goals.

Beyond the degree

As you consider what follows your degree, you can rest assured that the practical, hands-on experience you get, coupled with the critical-thinking and analyzing skills you develop, will serve you wherever you go.