Creating a List of Schools 

In general, it is wise to apply to a range of law schools. Factors to consider include the school's admission standards, reputation, special programs, location, and cost. The pre-law advisors may be able to assist you in choosing an appropriate range of schools given your particular circumstances and aspirations.

The LSAC's website search tools allow you to browse schools by name, location, admissions statistics, enrollment figures, finances, curriculum, faculty, and bar passage rates. You can also enter your GPA and LSAT score to see where you have the highest probability of being admitted.

You may also order or download catalogues and application materials from selected law schools that interest you. Click here for links to law schools

How Many Schools Should I Apply To?

About to 5-9 schools is a good range. According to the LSAC, in 2012, about half of all law school applicants applied to five schools or fewer. That means about half of all applicants applied to more than five schools.

You may want to apply to a couple 'reach' or 'dream' schools, a few 'realistic' choices, and at least one or two 'safety' schools. The LSAC's admission profile grids may help you to identify schools within these categories. It helps to be flexible and to keep in mind that results of the application process may surprise you.

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