Put it in writing

Old fashioned brass scale representing our Pre-law minor

Set yourself up to shape policy, challenge outdated laws, codify the ideals you believe in, or otherwise work with our society’s rules of engagement. You’ll cover foundations such as logic, semantics, and persuasive writing, as well as the US constitution, and political philosophy and thought. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to choose special topics that interest you, such as, Native American law, water law in the American West, criminality, and more.

What you can do with a minor in Pre-Law?

Many of our Pre-Law graduates go onto law school all over the country. That said, graduating with a Pre-Law Minor does not guarantee admission to law school; nor is it a prerequisite for admission to law school. Whatever path you choose, you'll be equipped with the analytical thinking, writing foundation, and background of thought to be successful in a law-related career.