balance and gavel
Laws have been used to organize societies, denote
collective values, establish proper human interaction,
and most, importantly allow individuals to pursue liberty
and happiness.  Studying historic and contemporary
legal systems enables students to understand
societies in different cultures.

This website has been prepared to provide students with general information on pre-law studies at Fort Lewis College, along with cross-references to sources that prospective students, enrolled students, and alumni/ae of Fort Lewis College may wish to consult. Students from any Fort Lewis College major degree program may pursue the Pre-Law Minor.

The Fort Lewis College Pre-Law Minor provides students with the opportunity to study a broad range of law-related courses and to acquire and hone skills essential to successful completion of a law degree.  Although the Pre-Law Minor is especially suited for students interested in law school, it is designed to help prepare students for success in any law-related career and to stimulate intellectual interest in the vital questions posed by the study of law.

While successful completion of the Pre-Law Minor does not guarantee admission to law school, many Pre-Law students gain admittance to excellent law schools all over the country.  Moreover, completion of the Pre-Law Minor is not a prerequisite for admission to law school. Nevertheless, there are many excellent reasons to pursue a pre-law minor.  See “Why Pre-Law?” and "Is Law for Me?"