The answers are many:

The Pre-law Minor provides the opportunity to acquire and hone skills crucial to the study of law and to become competitive in the law school admission process.

The crucial skills to successfully study the law include critical reading and thinking, logical analysis and reasoning, good communication and listening, effective legal research and professional writing, and efficient task organization and management. Pre-Law Minor courses at Fort Lewis College are designed to develop each of these skills.

The Pre-Law Minor prepares students for success in diverse careers.

The skills and the substantive knowledge acquired from Fort Lewis College Pre-Law courses prepare students for success as an attorney but also for success in law enforcement, administration, and other fields of public and private service.

The Pre-Law Minor engages students in formulating answers to vital questions

Students in Pre-Law courses may grapple with the debate about abortion rights, affirmative action policies, the rights of criminal defendants, the role of the judiciary in a constitutional republic or the applicability of federal regulations to a business. Oftentimes the questions raised in Pre-Law courses are addressed in moot courts simulating judicial decision-making or through other innovative teaching methods placing students in an active problem solving role.