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Adjunct Faculty Learning Community

AFLC offers adjunct faculty the opportunity to connect and build community with their peers across campus while examining ways to increase student success.

2 final spring sessions; 3-4 sessions offered each fall term

Grab the M.I.C.

The Center for Teaching & Learning offers Grab the M.I.C. as a professional development opportunity to actively explore how to support first-year student success. In our 3-workshop series (one per month), we discuss topics, barriers, and strategies on how to:

  • Motivate Learners (particularly in first-year and LAC courses)
  • Increase Student Agency
  • Create Inclusive Design & Teaching

3-session series offered each spring term; request to enroll by 1/25

EPIC Teaching

EPIC Teaching supports faculty as they empower their pedagogy and ignite change in their classrooms. As EPIC participants, faculty conduct research and apply evidence-based strategies to innovate their teaching. If you’re ready to take your instruction to the next level, EPIC is for you!

Offered each spring and fall term

Designing for Equity

Designing for Equity helps faculty gain expertise in accessible design principles, engaging students online, and effective online instruction, while they experience being a student in an online course.

7-week course offered each May; request to enroll by May 14th

Designing for Empowerment

This professional development course engages participants in learning how to apply critical digital pedagogy to their existing courses. Critical digital pedagogy helps us to redesign our digital learning spaces with a focus on inclusion and equity. The goal is to help our students become empowered learners and have full access to success in their learning. Note: This opportunity is only available to faculty who have completed Designing for Equity (formerly Designing for Impact).

6-week course offered each summer; request to enroll by July 9th

Teaching & Learning Committee PD

The Teaching & Learning Committee is offering a series of workshops for faculty in January and February. Recent topics include course flexibility and course policies.

Look for email announcements of upcoming workshops.

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