Our emphasis on Student-led Learning

FLC’s “knowledge in action” encourages students to explore topics they are passionate about, contribute to our academic community as they build expertise in their discipline, and support their peers in their shared journey.  Our Peer Education Center empowers students to teach alongside faculty and work as academic mentors for their peers.   

Defining Student-led Learning: Peer Education-and our Peer Education Center

Peer education includes co-teaching in the classroom and peer-to-peer mentorship outside the classroom.  A co-teaching model increases opportunities for individualized instruction and active learning as faculty and Peer Educators lead classes and labs together. Academic peer-to-peer mentorship can also increase student engagement and buy-in as they learn from successful student leaders.  

Peer Education benefits our academic community: 

  • Students are welcomed into a course or discipline by someone with shared academic experiences and form a relationship with an engaged student leader. Students encounter a variety of instructional strategies as they learn from faculty and Peer Educators, and they also access individualized support from Peer Educators outside the classroom.     
  • Peer educators deepen their understanding of their discipline and develop professional skills that will benefit them in a variety of contexts at FLC and beyond.  Peer Educators also work closely with faculty mentors who support their academic and personal goals.  
  • Faculty have additional support to meet the learning needs of all of their students and are inspired to implement innovative pedagogy with the help of their Peer Educators.  Peer Educators provide additional feedback about readings, assignments, and classroom activities and collaborate with faculty to adapt course delivery to support student success.    

Unique aspects of Peer Education

Peer Educators at FLC provide impactful academic mentorship that extends beyond course concepts and upcoming assignments.  We recognize that academic success is intertwined with students’ wellbeing, financial stability, confidence, and sense of belonging.  Peer Educators understand this complex picture of student success and can inspire students to overcome the challenges that may impact their success in the classroom.   

 Our Peer Educators: 

  • inspire students to envision the positive impacts they can make at FLC and in the broader community. 
  • connect students to an academic community and to a network of support.  
  • model habits of successful students. 
  • guide students as they navigate college systems. 
  • encourage students to view setbacks as opportunities for growth and to embrace mistakes as part of learning.   

Find out More

Visit the Peer Education Center website to learn more. 


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Peer Education Center Coordinator

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