Jumpstart your career with a Springboard Fellowship

Spring Board Fellowship, Colorado Mesa University and Fort Lewis CollegeIn September 2022, the Springboard Fellowship will open a world of possibilities for eager students looking to build social capital and launch into life after college.

As a partnership between Fort Lewis College and Colorado Mesa University, the Fellowship is a free, year-long program designed to support underserved, hard-working students excited about their future careers.

By June 2023, Fellows will be prepared to tackle networking events, presentations, and job interviews, finding success in their professional journeys.


Springboard Fellowship FAQs

Who can apply?

Rising seniors are welcome to apply by April 29. Faculty and staff can also nominate students for the Springboard Fellowship by April 22. Interviews will be held in May.

How do I apply?

All you have to do is fill out the application! The application includes general questions about you, your current major, career interests, and what you hope to achieve from participation in the Fellowship. It should take between 20 – 30 minutes.

What is social capital?

Social capital represents personal and professional benefits that stem from building relationships. The Springboard Fellowship helps students build social capital and cultivate the skills necessary to strengthen and grow their professional networks.

What is the time commitment?

Students should plan on committing 8-10 hours a month toward the Fellowship, not including travel.

What can Springboard Fellows access?

From connecting with local business leaders to attending networking events and participating in professional development sessions, students will build social capital and dive deeply into career readiness. Fellows will hone their communication and leadership skills while working alongside inspiring mentors and community leaders.

When does the Fellowship begin and end?

The Springboard Fellowship launches in September 2022 and culminates at an exciting Washington, D.C. conference in June 2023.

Where will students travel during the Fellowship?

Throughout the year, students can attend conferences and professional development workshops in Grand Junction, Denver, and Washington, D.C.

Is the Springboard Fellowship free?

Yes! Students will not incur costs during their tenure with the Fellowship.

Students who complete the Fellowship will receive a $5,000 Springboard Award to offset expenses associated with starting a new career, such as purchasing business attire, signing an apartment lease, or navigating transportation in a new city.


Contact Alana Romans at aromans@fortlewis.edu.

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