High impact practices define our work

At Fort Lewis College, we want every student's educational experience to be engaging, meaningful, challenging—and fun!  We implement nationally-recognized strategies for increasing our students' success in our courses, including High Impact Practices and Active Learning.  These strategies are found to improve grades and increase retention, especially for students from underrepresented groups.  Our ongoing High Impact Practices work is captured in our CAS-protected Strategic Initiatives folders

Faculty innovative delivers a high impact education

At FLC, our students "learn outside the lines"!  We are innovating to create FLC-unique forms of learning, with some of that work captured on our Academic Affairs Knowledge in Action webpages.  We are creating new opportunities for our students to live a high-impact education.  In these handouts, faculty share their latest initiatives that encourage students to define and then enact a meaningful education.

Quantitative and qualitative data measures our impact

Academic Affairs is analyzing how to ensure that our students experience an education that provides high impact meaning, resulting in increased student engagement, satisfaction, and persistence. Our “Meaning Matters” initiative connects traditional quantitative measures of student success, such as grades, with qualitative forms of data that reveal deeper educational aspirations, such as surveys and focus groups.  By connecting quantitative and qualitative data, we aim to uncover—and then resolve—equity gaps in student success.

Our Data Visualization materials can be found in our CAS-protected Strategic Initiatives folders.  Our work on generating meaningful student-centered data is being supported by the AASCU Student Success Equity Intensive--we are proud to be part of this national team, working together to address equity gaps in student success.