Building Proctors


Building Proctors act as liaisons between building occupants, Physical Plant Services (PPS), the Fort Lewis College Police Department (FLCPD), and the Environmental Health and Safety Department (EHS). Building Proctors are building inspectors on a limited scale and are the single point of contact for a building’s occupants regarding problems with the building. Their primary duties will be to watch for signs of wear and tear on their building and its physical facilities, look for safety violations, security issues, and be the main point of contact for the Incident Commander during emergency situations.

Proctors should be volunteers and full time employees. Numerous staff members have volunteered and are willing to serve. The plan is to start with some of the buildings on campus, training and mentoring those proctors and adding other buildings as the program becomes established. The campus housing group has a system already established and is not included in this program.

Proctors will be authorized to evacuate their area of responsibility, or building if, in their judgment a situation exists justifying such action. They are expected to explain College policies, as needed, to occupants in their area of responsibility and to members of the public. They will be responsible for ensuring emergency egress maps are posted in designated areas of their buildings and that building occupants know where to evacuate in case of an emergency. During an emergency proctors are not responsible for ensuring the building is evacuated. Faculty, staff and students are responsible for evacuating a building when an alarms sounds. However, building proctors should know if there are any physically impaired individuals in their building and where they are located so they can inform first responders of the location of these individuals. Proctors will also work with the staff and faculty in their buildings, PPS, FLCPD, and EH&S to schedule fire and evacuation drills, or walk-through drills if an actual evacuation drill cannot be performed.

Training will be provided to the Building Proctors by the EH&S department. This training will go over their responsibilities, available resources, emergency situations, and the contents of the Building Proctor Manual. With a trained, single point of contact maintenance issues will be addressed in a timely manner and emergency evacuation plans can be better defined, developed and tested. Interested individuals can contact Bill Donelan at extension 6926 or in the Education Business Hall, room 181.