Safely handle biological agents

The Biosafety Program at Fort Lewis College (FLC) was established to ensure safe handling of biological agents, safe disposal of infectious laboratory wastes, safe research behavior and compliance with college policies, state law and national regulatory standards. Fort Lewis College expanded its research activities in 2010 in to include research with Hanta virus within the new building addition to Berndt Hall, which houses a level two biosafety laboratory (BSL 2). In conjunction with this expansion the College established its first Biosafety Committee.

The purpose of the Biosafety Program manual is to describe the operation of the biosafety program, to provide guidelines for the safe operation of the biosafety laboratory and safe performance of experiments involving potentially hazardous biological agents. Additional requirements not currently listed in this document may be added in the future as deemed necessary as promulgated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPH&E) or federal agencies passing new laws or updates in regards to existing rules and regulations.

Faculty, staff, students and visiting researchers are urged to carefully review this document which focuses on college requirements, researcher responsibilities and liabilities.

Download our Biosafety Program manual.