Registration for the Spring Semester is closed. 

Registration for the Fall 2020 Semester will begin on August 24th, 2020. This is to give all paying students an opportunity to register for their required classes first. Please do not contact professors directly.

We hope you enjoy life-long learning at Fort Lewis College!

The Community Learners program provides community members ages 55 and over the opportunity to sit in and audit many of our day classes at Fort Lewis College for free. This program is for auditing purposes only. There is no credit earned, no test taking and no homework to be turned in or graded.

Registration process

For the fall and spring semesters (no summer), you may register for a course starting from one week before the semester starts until the end of the first week of classes. After we receive your registration form, we will work with the professor to determine availability and then notify you. If there is still room after census day, you will be allowed to continue as a Community Learner. Tuition paying students have priority.

  1. Pick your primary and secondary choices of courses from the course schedule:
    1. Go to the Search Course Schedule page. (You will need to follow steps ii through vii below.)
    2. To select the term, choose your preferred term under "Search by Term" and hit Submit.
    3. Highlight your subject area in the top box marked "Subject." Click the "Class Search" button at the bottom of the page. 
    4. Choose a class from "Selections Found." No classes with a "L" on the end of the description, classes with course fees or studio classes are included in this program.
    5. To view the course description, click on "View Catalog Entry." Click "Return to Previous." 
    6. To view the capacity, click on the course title. Only choose classes with seats available and no waiting list. Click "Return to Previous". 
    7. Copy down the course title, number, start date and professor's name. You will need that for the registration form.
  2. Complete the registration form.  - Registration is currently closed. 
  3. The FLC Foundation will notify you if you are approved to attend.
  4. Attend class and ask the professor for the Canvas link for the course materials.
  5. Notify the professor and the FLC Foundation if you decide to withdraw.

Restrictions and etiquette

  • Admission is at the discretion of the professor.
  • Space is available only in classes below enrollment capacity.
  • You will not have access to classes with wait lists, labs, studios, fees, or heavy participation. These include art classes, Adobe Suite, musical instrument/voice lessons, or any classes requiring one-on-one interaction with the professor.
  • You agree to attend all classes during the semester, arrive on time, and leave when class is over. Please do not disrupt the class.
  • You do not take tests or hand in homework. Participation in group discussions is at the discretion of the professor.
  • You can obtain a FLC library card as a community member, but they do not have access to class hold materials.
  • Please observe all parking rules on campus and purchase a parking pass. These are available by the semester or daily. View parking information.
  • You will not share course content outside of the classroom.
  • You will not have access to student services or tutoring.
  • Once you have been accepted into the class, you will have access to Canvas, the Learning Management Platform, by using this link:
  • Follow this link for additional Canvas information specific to Community Learners

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Contact information

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