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FLC Transfer student admission counselor Kayla Dixon
Your Transfer Admission Counselor, Kayla Dixon

You have dreams, and we want to help you make them reality. You can start as a transfer student at FLC in the fall, spring, or summer. We accept applications on a rolling basis and we will notify you within 4-6 weeks of submission.


Because the journey for transfer students is often unique to each individual, our Admission team is available to support you in determining your best next step.


Easy to transfer to FLC

  1. Submit your application & transcripts
  2. Estimate how many of your credits will transfer
  3. After you're admitted, the Registrar's Office determines official transfer credits
  4. After you accept our offer of admission, you'll be assigned an advisor to help you pick classes

Native American & Alaska Native students

Come to FLC for your education, and be part of our thriving Native student community. 41% of FLC students are Native American or Alaska Native, representing 177 tribes and villages. As a Native-serving institution, we are committed to supporting our Native students academically, personally, and financially with the Native American Tuition Waiver, which allows Native students to attend FLC tuition-free. 


Diversity & our campus community

Fort Lewis College is proud to be a minority-majority (53% students of color), Native-serving institution (find out more about who attends FLC). The incredible diversity of our campus community is the beating heart of Fort Lewis College. No matter who you are or where you come from, there's a place for you here at FLC. 

FLC transfer students on a bridge near campus

Things to consider

You're not alone in wondering: does FLC offer the majors I'm interested in? Can I afford to go to school at FLC? These questions are front of mind for most prospective transfer students. Here are some answers.

Majors & programs

FLC offers around 54 majors, a wide variety of minors, and certificate programs. We're adding new programs all the time, as the demands from our world change: new problems to solve, and new workplace roles to fill. We'll get you to the front of the pack.

Majors & programs
Affordable education

We believe that education isn't only for those who can afford it. To level the playing field the best we can, we offer a generous array of scholarships to our transfer students, including special agreements such as the San Juan Reciprocal Scholarship, to get you an FLC education at a New Mexico in-state price.