Get the credential you've already earned

If you transferred to FLC from a two-year institution, you can combine your credits toward an associate degree while you work on your bachelor’s degree through Reverse Transfer. This program has been available since 2014, but was previously known as “Degree Within Reach.” There is no impact on your current academic standing, nor on financial aid. This is simply a way to get the credential you’ve already earned.


You may be eligible for reverse transfer if:

  • You have completed 15 credit hours at a community college in Colorado
  • You have a minimum of 70 credit hours, including coursework at FLC
  • You transferred to FLC Summer 2012 or later
  • Your completed credit hours meet the requirements for an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of General Studies, (determined by degree audit)
  • You have not requested that your data be withheld
  • You have not already received an associate or bachelor’s degree.

If you are currently not enrolled at FLC but have been within the last two years—and you meet the above eligibility requirements—you may still be eligible. Contact us to find out.

How it works

If you are eligible for Reverse Transfer, you’ll receive an email from us in March of each year. If you would like to participate, simply opt in using the tool included in that email.

If you attended any other higher education institutions, be sure to send your official transcripts to your community college so those credits can be considered toward your associate degree, as well.

Get more info

Contact Tessa Creatini for assistance. Or, for more information, and a complete list of participating Colorado schools, visit the Colorado State Department of Higher Education site.