Transfer Policy for Associate Degrees from Institutions Outside of Colorado

In most cases, students who have earned an Associate degree (AA or AS) from institutions other than public Colorado institutions will go through the normal course-by-course evaluation of credits. However, there is a list of institutions outside of Colorado for which a blanket exception has been made. All Liberal Arts Core requirements will be waived for transfer students who earned an AA or AS from one of the institutions on that list.

Each time the Registrar's Office does a course-by-course evaluation for a student who earned an AA or AS at a non-Colorado institution not already on that list, the Registrar does a review of that institution's general education requirements to see if it is similar in structure and scope to Colorado’s gtPathways. If it is deemed to be sufficiently similar, a blanket exception will be put in place to allow a waiver of the Liberal Arts Core requirements for all transfer students with AA/AS degrees from that institution. This list of institutions is maintained by the Registrar’s Office. Students must fulfill all prerequisites for Fort Lewis College courses, even if their Liberal Arts Core requirements have been waived.