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Why Study Biology

Both government and industry have considerable demand for people trained in the biological sciences. Administrative and professional careers may be found in government services and within a variety of conservation and recreation agencies at both the state and federal levels. Laboratory and technical work is available within industries and with several government agencies. Some sales positions, especially with pharmaceutical companies, require a biology background. There is a considerable demand for secondary school teachers with certification in biology. Many positions for biologists require a graduate degree for which a liberal arts biology major is an excellent background.

Why Study Biology at Fort Lewis College

The Biology Department at Fort Lewis College prepares you for many careers in biology and biology-related fields, including studies in numerous fields important to the health of the environment, nursing, and medicine. Biology is one of the largest majors at Fort Lewis College, and with the completion of the college's new Biology Wing, our students have access to modern, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.

And our students use those laboratories -- meaning here you won't just study Biology, you'll DO it. In addition, our field-related courses commonly use nearby U.S. National Forest, Bureau of Land Management, and Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife lands for outdoor, field-based exercises and research. At Fort Lewis College, our focus is on undergraduate education, so our students have research and experience opportunities that are often reserved for only graduate students at larger universities. Our undergraduate researchers make real and meaningful contributions to their fields through studies, presentations at conferences and competitions, and occasionally, by having their research published.

Our small classes mean you get an individualized education from our expert faculty. Because our faculty's focus is on teaching, they work closely with their students, taking pride in keeping their office doors open, being involved in their students' progress, and tailoring their assistance to each learner's needs.

Academic Options in Biology