Campbell Child and Family Center

Continuity of Care

The high-quality practice of continuity of care means that children and caregiver remain together throughout the entire program cycle, rather than having children change teachers each year.  Because learning occurs simultaneously with emotional attachment, it is best for young children to have a stable caregiver throughout their early years. 

Our Continuity of Care philosophy helps build secure relationships between children and their primary caregivers. We create a safe, predictable environment by maintaining daily care giving routines.  This enables our teaching staff to learn each child's individual cues and provide quick responsive care.  Classroom arrangement and materials are continuously adapted to meet the changing developmental needs of the children in the class.  This practice fosters strong attachments and benefits the children by giving them caregivers who know them and their parents well. 

At the Campbell Child and Family Center we strive for continuity of care – which is looped through all four classrooms.  Caregivers move with the same group of children until they transition out of the program. Children ‘move up’ to the next room at the beginning of summer or fall session.  Our teachers are committed to having an in-depth understanding of ages and stages in development, and a passion for teaching all age groups which provides them the ability to create developmentally appropriate learning experiences.