Campbell Child and Family Center


The Campbell Center is a year-round early care and education program focusing on enhancing child development and learning through quality programming. Only families needing full-time care will receive placements at the center. Full-time is defined as at least 4.5 hours daily, Monday – Friday. We request families ensure their children are at school from 9:00 am – 12:30 pm daily. During this time, children take part in highly interactive learning activities and become participants in the educational process.

When a placement becomes available, families will be provided with a “A to Z Family Handbook” and all needed documents for their child to begin care. All forms must be received within 30 days of your child starting the program, or dismissal may occur.

The Campbell Center is currently placing families from an extensive waitlist, and has adopted several priority policies with regard to enrollment. Please review the following policies concerning placement priority.