Statement from Chief Deming

August 28, 2020

As the Chief of Police at Fort Lewis College, I continually monitor police conduct around the nation, and specifically on college campuses and Fort Lewis College. The need for reform is obvious and needs to be a systematic overhaul, from the police academies through the judicial process. Our department categorically condemns police brutality. Unfortunately, our society has repeatedly demonstrated that racism exists in all facets of our society, and the police profession is no exception.  We are committed to working with our community to end systemic racism.

There is no greater honor than to protect and serve a college community. As the campus police department, we recognize the foundation of police work, to protect and serve, relies on trust from the community.  Colleges and universities are, by their nature, a melting pot of diverse ideas, customs, and traditions drawn from throughout the nation and the world, and we are honored to work for an institution that fully embodies this. It is the policy of our department that we operate as a part of this diverse community, rich with ethnic and cultural heritage, and treat everyone with whom we come into contact, fairly and equally at all times.  Our officers take seriously their responsibility when dealing with all persons, regardless of race, sex, creed, sexual or religious preference, to treat them in a manner to not to degrade or belittle them as human beings, but with the utmost dignity and respect. 

Policing is an ever evolving profession and adopting new best practices committed to diversity equity and inclusion is a dedication we embrace. The Fort Lewis College Police Department is committed to hearing from our community and working to end systemic racism. 

Brett Deming (He, Him, His)
Chief of Police
Fort Lewis College Police & Parking Services

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