Parking Fine Payments, Penalties and Appeals

Payment of fines

Please have your citation or license plate number with you when paying.

  • Fines may be paid in person with cash, check or credit card at Police & Parking Services in Aspen Hall.
  • A check or money order may be mailed to the address on the citation. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH!
  • Internet payments may be made at . There is a $3.95 transaction fee, and multiple citations may be paid per transaction.
  • Payment of fines must be made within 14 days from the citation date or the fine will double.

Pay online


  • Fines not paid within 14 days from the issue date will DOUBLE
  • Vehicles with three (3) or more outstanding parking violations may be immobilized and/or towed
  • Fines may be added to your student account and billed through the Controller's Office. This may create a financial hold on your account which will prevent you from registering or receiving a transcript. Fines added to accounts must be paid at the Cashier's window. Delinquent accounts may be handled through an outside collections agency. Contact the Controller's Office for more information, 247-7361.

Parking Citation Appeal process

  • Appeals must be filed within 10 business days of the citation date.
  • Appeals are reviewed by an independent volunteer Parking Appeal Committee. The Committee is comprised of a faculty member, a staff member, and a student.
  • The decision made by the Fort Lewis College Parking Appeal Committee is final.
  • Appeals must be written on an appeals form and submitted to the Fort Lewis College Police/Parking Services. Forms are available at Police & Parking Services in Aspen Hall. Or, you may fill out an online appeal form.
  • Forgetfulness, parking for only a short time, failure to display parking permit, not seeing a sign and/or a lost ticket are unacceptable grounds for appeal. Any appeal submitted on these grounds will automatically be denied.

Schedule of fines

Citations issued when vehicles are in violation of Fort Lewis College Parking Policies and Safety Regulations:

Citation Fine
No Parking Permit $30.00
Improper Display of Permit $15.00
Displaying Lost/Stolen Permit $100.00
Displaying Forged/Fraudulent Permit $200.00
Parking in Fire Lane $50.00 plus towing
Parking in Handicapped Space $130.00
Parking or Driving on Grass $20.00
Parking in Service Area $20.00
Parking in Visitor Space $20.00
Obstructing Traffic $30.00
Obstructing Trash Container $35.00
Parking in No Parking Zone $20.00
Parking in Reserved Space $20.00
Occupying Two Parking Spaces $15.00
Not Entirely Parked in Space $10.00
Expired meter $15.00
Overnight Parking in Unauthorized Areas $15.00
Immobilize Vehicle $75.00
Unauthorized parking Commuter/Residential lot $30.00
Unauthorized Parking Outside of Stadium Lot $20.00
Unattended Load Zone $15.00