Survivor Support Fund

Sexual violence is a terrible reality, and FLC’s Survivor Support Fund is one way to make a difference. As a survivor of sexual violence, you can get financial support to assist with things like medical and mental health appointments. As an ally, you can contribute a dollar amount that feels right for you to support your friends, peers, and FLC community.


In order to best support students, this Foundation fund aims to provide emergency financial support to students dealing with:

  • Sexual, inter-partner, dating, or friendship violence
  • Stalking, or sexual or other harassment
  • Revenge porn
  • Rape
  • Unwanted physical touch, or sexual or physical assault
  • Gender discrimination or misgendering
  • Psychological abuse
  • Other related experiences


The fund is used for (but not limited to) costs associated with:

  • Medical and mental health appointments
  • Support groups
  • New bedding
  • Transportation
  • Other survivor needs

About the fund

The Survivor Support Fund was created in 2020 by the Fort Lewis College Counseling Center. Please consider making a donation and show our students that we support their wellness, their success, and their voice.

Donate to the fund