A little planning goes a long way

Set yourself up for success by doing a little legwork ahead of time. You can get yourself registered in four steps: 

Step 1: Check for registration issues (account holds)

Account holds will NOT prevent you from registering for Spring 2023 classes as long as you do so within the three-week "Registration Weeks" period (November 1 - 18, 2022); however, they WILL prevent you from making changes to your schedule or registering after November 18.

Additionally, you MUST clear all holds before December 1st. Failure to do so will result in you being dropped from your Spring 2023 classes. Please reach out to Skyhawk Station for assistance in clearing your holds.

Learn more about account holds on the Registrar's site, or search "view holds" in TheFort for more information.

Step 2: Find out when you register

See an overview of registration times.

Starting October 24, you can check your registration start date and eligibility in WebOPUS. You can start registering for classes at 7:00 a.m. on your registration start date.

Step 3: Register

Take the time to plan out your schedule; it'll make life easier! Use these three tools to be successful: your degree audit and the search for classes function. Check out the information in the "how to" sidebar on the right side of this page - especially the "register for courses" link - for additional information. 

Step 4: Get assistance from your Primary Advisor

If you need help with any part of this process, don't worry! Your Advisor is here to support you! You can find your Primary Advisor in the "My Student Profile" tab in WebOPUS. From there, reach out via email to ask questions or set up a time to meet in-person.